Helpful Resources

Below are some documents that will help you better understand the protocol:
​Goldfinch Docs - A detailed description of the Goldfinch protocol, explaining the roles of the different protocol participants
​Goldfinch Dapp - The Goldfinch decentralized web application. Here you can view the historical deals that have been funded on the protocol


Below is a glossary of terms helping to bridge TradFi to Defi terminology as it relates to the Goldfinch protocol
Goldfinch Term
Traditional Term
The credit fund or fintech that borrows from the protocol, for the pupose of lending to their clients / customers
Junior / Subordinated investor
FIrst-loss provider to the unitranche structure surfaced through the Goldfinch protocol. In some cases, borrowers act as Backers by contributing junior capital
Senior Pool
Senior Tranche
Blind diversified pool supporting all deals in the protocol by funding the senior tranche of each unitranche borrower pool
Liquidity Provider (LP)
Senior Investors
Passive investor who supplies capital into the Senior Pool
Goldfinch Protocol
Represents the smart contract which governs how capital can be supplied and repaid
Cryptocurrencies where the price is designed to be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat money, or to exchange-traded commodities (such as precious metals or industrial metals)
Borrower Pool
A unitranche pool of capital containing both first loss junior capital provided by the Backers, and senior capital provided by the senior pool
The Goldfinch protocol native token. You can learn more about this here​
Leverage Ratio
The amount of money invested by the Senior Pool in a given Borrower Pool divided by the amount invested by the Backers.