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How to create your UID

As of January 26, 2022, U.S. individuals can obtain a Unique Identity (UID). This will allow US-based GFI holders to participate in governance. However, only U.S. Accredited Investors will be able to participate in supplying capital to the protocol at this time.

Step 1: Sign In

Head over to the account page. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and use MetaMask to sign in to Goldfinch with the MetaMask address you’d like to use to interact with and supply capital to the protocol.

Step 2: Verify your MetaMask address

Self-identify as an individual or entity, US-based or non-US, and—for US-based—accredited or non-accredited. For non-US individuals and US non-accredited individuals, you’ll then be prompted to enter your contact information and will be redirected to Persona—the Goldfinch protocol’s identity verification partner—to complete an identification check. Please have your ID ready and be prepared to take a quick selfie.

For entities (both US and non-US) and US accredited investors, you’ll then be prompted to visit the Goldfinch bridge site on Parallel Markets to complete the KYC/KYB process. Once your KYC/KYB (and accreditation, if applicable) are verified, you will get an email notification from Parallel Markets. If your identity and accreditation documents are accepted, you will be able to mint a UID on the account page. If your documents are rejected, you can contact us at [email protected] for next steps.

Completing the minting step will allow you to participate in Goldfinch.

Step 3: Mint your UID

As mentioned above, you can go to the account page to mint your UID. To do this, click on Create UID and confirm the NFT minting transaction.

Note that minting a UID NFT will cost 0.00083 ETH + gas fees. This is to cover the fees incurred by the protocol for conducting an identity verification via Persona, a 3rd party service provider.

You can view your NFT after it’s been minted by searching for your Metamask account on Opensea. Your UID NFT will allow you to participate in Goldfinch as an LP and/or a Backer, and/or to participate in Governance as a GFI holder.

Step 4: Earn!

Head to and select Connect Wallet to connect to the dapp using the same wallet you used to mint your UID. You can now invest in the protocol.

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