Token Launch FAQ

How will I know if I received GFI?

Go to If you have received GFI tokens, you will see it listed with an Accept button to accept them.

How can I receive more GFI?

You can receive more tokens through liquidity mining as a Liquidity Provider. Learn how to participate in liquidity mining here.

How can I claim my GFI?

See Claiming GFI distributions.

Why can't I claim all my GFI? What is 'unlocking'?

Some distributions are not all immediately available, but instead "unlock" according to a schedule. For example, a 2-year unlock schedule means you will gradually be able to claim more and more of your distribution, eventually being able to claim 100% after 2 years.

The frequency with which more of your GFI becomes claimable is the "unlock interval". For example, if the unlock schedule is monthly, that means new amounts of the GFI distribution will become claimable on a monthly cadence.

I was a Liquidity Provider in the Senior Pool before Token Launch. Will I get tokens?

Yes, if you are a non-U.S. person, and if you kept your capital in the Senior Pool until December 14, 2021 at UTC 10:00:17 PM, you will get GFI. Existing Liquidity Providers were allocated GFI distributions during the token launch — see how they were allocated on the Tokenomics page. In addition, existing Liquidity Providers can receive more tokens through liquidity mining by staking their FIDU. Learn how to participate in liquidity mining here.

I withdrew capital from the Senior Pool before the January 11, 2020 Token Launch. Will I get tokens?

All parties that had capital in the Senior Pool until December 14th, 2021 UTC 10:00:17 PM snapshot will receive GFI. The exact block: Withdrawal before this point means forfeiting of GFI rewards.

I was a community member on Discord. Will I receive GFI?

The only community members who received GFI during the Token Launch were those who held the "role names" of Community Managers, Admin, and Contributors for their excellence and support in handling the community. A few select Artists and Developers from the community also received GFI. However, in the near future, the community may want to set up community-run grants programs which will allow other community members to earn GFI.

Can GFI be staked?

No — GFI, the Goldfinch Protocol token, cannot be "staked" right now.

To avoid confusion, there are two unrelated types of "staking" on Goldfinch:

  • When people supply capital to the Senior Pool, they receive FIDU. They can then stake that FIDU to participate in Liquidity Mining and earn GFI.

  • According to the white paper, in the future GFI may be used for staking (on Backers), but this functionality is currently not in place.

Can I use GFI for anything while it's unlocking?

No — GFI can only be used once it is in your wallet. Sometimes, you may have GFI that is claimable, but not in your wallet. To transfer unlocked GFI to your wallet, Claim for the GFI on the GFI tab in the dapp.

Can I transfer my GFI tokens to a Ledger?

Yes, after you have claimed your GFI. Ledger supports ERC20 tokens like GFI.

I was a Backer for one or more Borrower Pools. Will I get GFI?

The audit for the Backer GFI rewards was submitted in February 2022are now live, after proposals on Backer Liquidity Mining was passed by the community. In addition, Backers will be able to participate in Staking Rewards liquidity mining, as per another proposal passed by the community.

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