Senior Pool LPs: FIDU Liquidity

Senior Pool Liquidity Providers with a Unique Identity NFT (UID) are able to withdraw directly from the Senior Pool at par, at any time when USDC is available in the pool. There is a 0.5% withdrawal fee for redeeming FIDU for USDC on Goldfinch, contributing funding to the Goldfinch treasury.
In the event that the Senior Pool is being fully utilized by Borrowers, a Senior Pool LP may be unable to natively withdraw their position from the Senior Pool until repayments are made, or new deposits are made.
Various Goldfinch community members and third-parties have taken steps to create additional mechanisms to withdraw capital from the Senior Pool when there is no excess USDC. For example, two community members created a withdrawal mechanism with a FIDU-USDC Curve pool.*

Backer Position: PoolToken NFT

​Backers with a Unique Identity NFT (UID) may withdraw interest payments as they are paid by the Borrower, which is monthly across all Goldfinch Borrower Pools as of August 2022. Principal liquidity is dependent on the Pool term as proposed by the Borrower, currently three years on average as of August 2022.
There is no withdrawal fee for claiming a Backer’s share of a Pool’s interest repayments or principal.
The Goldfinch dapp does not directly support PoolToken NFT secondary sales. However, community members and third-parties have launched various integrations via governance to provide Backers with the ability to sell their PoolToken NFTs. For example, AlloyX launched a Goldfinch integration, and the Goldfinch community is launching a community-driven PoolToken NFT market that will allow backers to sell their PoolToken NFTs.*
*Please note that neither the FIDU-USDC Curve Pool, PoolToken NFT market, integrations, nor any other marketplace outside the Goldfinch dapp, are built and maintained by Goldfinch. Therefore, you should use your own judgment before selling FIDU or Backer PoolToken NFTs outside of the Goldfinch dapp.
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Senior Pool LPs: FIDU Liquidity
Backer Position: PoolToken NFT