Verifying Your Identity

It is necessary to verify your identity in order to participate in Governance votes or supply capital to Goldfinch.

U.S.-based individuals must also verify their Accredited Investor status in order to supply capital.

The identity verification process checks that you are a real individual, and then allows you to mint your UID. The process uses Persona and Parallel Markets to perform the third-party verification, which takes privacy and security very seriously.

Step 1: Verify your address

  1. Go to If you visit the Senior Pool or Borrower Pool pages before verifying, they will prompt you to first verify on this page.

  2. In the Verify your address section, identify whether you are an individual or entity, US or non-US based, and—for US-based—whether you are an Accredited Investor or not.

  3. For Non-U.S. Individuals and U.S. Non-Accredited Individuals: you will be prompted with Verify ID to start the process with Persona. For individuals, you will be asked to upload a passport or national ID documents. Passports are strongly recommended as Persona currently does not support some forms of national IDs.

  4. With Persona: After uploading your ID, you will see the Let's make sure it's you pop-up and you will be prompted to take photos of the front and sides of your face.

  5. Done! The page should say you have successfully verified your address.

Disclaimer: Generally, the address verification process is instant. However, sometimes it can take some time for individuals to get verified. To ensure that you are instantly verified, see the "Helpful Tips" section below.

For Entities (both U.S. and Non-U.S.) and U.S. Accredited Individuals:

You will be prompted to visit the Goldfinch bridge site with Parallel Markets.

For individuals, you will be asked to upload a passport or national ID documents. Passports are strongly recommended as Persona currently does not support some forms of national IDs. Entities will have to supply additional business documentation and information.

With Parallel Markets:

After submitting your information, Parallel Markets will typically process your information within 72 hours.

Once your KYB/KYC and Accreditation (if applicable) are verified, someone from the Goldfinch community will reach out within 24 business hours to collect the wallet address that your UID will be associated with. Once the address is provided, you will receive a second notification with confirmation that you can proceed with minting yoru UID.

Step 2: Mint your UID

Learn more about UID here.

Please note you will need enough ETH in your address to cover 0.00083 ETH + gas fees. The additional 0.00083 ETH helps cover the fees for the Persona service.

  1. Once you have completed your address verification (described above), you will be able to mint your UID.

  2. Naviage to and select Connect Wallet to connect the same wallet to the dapp that you associated with your UID in Step 1.

  3. On, click Create UID.

  4. Click Confirm in the popup that appears to verify the transaction in your wallet. Advanced: You can check the gas fee and adjust it so that the transaction is as affordable for you as possible. This tracker can help you find low gas fees. Click here to learn how to adjust it.

  5. Tada! Your UID will get minted once the transaction is confirmed. You can view yours by connecting your wallet to Opeansea.

Helpful tips for Persona

Your identity is tied to your Ethereum account address, and you can only have one verified account. Unfortunately, there are some regions, like China, that the Goldfinch protocol currently does not support.

Here are some tips to ensure that your verification is successful on the first attempt.

  • Ensure that the Identification Document (ID) you are using is an ID type that is accepted by Persona.

  • Passport is strongly recommended as an identification document, since Persona may not recognize some local IDs.

  • Make sure your ID has a full legal name (given name + surname), a recent picture, your birthdate, and is not expired.

  • When using a residence permit as an ID, make sure you take pictures of both front and back.

  • Use a phone or computer to take a picture of your ID and do not run it through an image editing software.

  • If you have registered on Persona once using a different Ethereum address, you will not be able to register again.

  • Some older forms of IDs, like domestic passports, may not work.

If you still run into issues, please message in the "#verification-support" channel on the community-run Discord.

Now that you have your UID and are connected to the dapp, read on through the rest of the guides to participate in investing on the protocol.

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