Accessing Borrower Communication Channels

Step-by-step instructions to access Goldfinch's Borrower communication channels

To learn more about Goldfinch Borrower communication channels, read the Borrower communication section of the documentation.

Token-gated Discord channel

As a reminder, these channels are configured to allow only:

  • Backers in the Pool in question, i.e. anyone who has at least one pool token which represents their position as a Backer in the pool, and

  • Senior Pool LPs with at least 10,000 FIDU or staked FIDU tokens.

  • To protect Borrowers confidential information, Investors will have their access revoked if they don’t meet either of the above requirements.

To access the channel:

  1. Click this link to enter the Goldfinch Discord server

  2. Once you are in the server, enter the #guild-join channel to verify your assets. You will find this channel under the ‘Borrower Pools’ category.

3. In the channel, you will see the message pictured below. Click ‘Verify your assets’ and follow the instructions to verify your assets. Please make sure you are using the wallet that contains your pool tokens to verify your assets.

4. Once your asset verification is complete, you will be able to access the token-gated channels for any pools for which you qualify.

Password-gated Dataroom

In each of these Discord channels, there will be a pinned message containing directions for accessing the password-protected Datarooms where Borrowers will share NDA-protected information. That way, any Backer or LP who accesses the Discord channel using their pool token or FIDU as verification will be able to easily access the Dataroom password as well.

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