Borrower Case Study

Almavest - August 2021

Fund: Almavest

Background: Almavest is a credit fund that provides debt capital to fintech lenders, and carbon reduction project developers globally. In August 2021, Almavest launched a Borrower Pool on the protocol to raise ~$2M. The purpose of this Borrower Pool was to fund a basket of fintech lenders in the Global South.

Process: Over one week, the Almavest team underwent due diligence by the Backers, presenting them with a dataroom, and being on hand to answer questions posed by the Backers. This included a live video Q&A session you can find here.

Once the due diligence period was done, the pool opened on August 31st for funding.

Outcome: The junior portion of the Borrower Pool was filled by 72 Backers, who provided $540,826. The Senior Pool provided an additional $1,622,478 (3x the Backer contribution) to complete the $2,163,304 raise. This entire process was completed in 30 minutes. Below is a screenshot from the Almavest Borrower Pool. You can find the live page here.

Almavest Pool Snapshot

Almavest Timeline and Key Dates

  • Announce Investment to Community

    1. Announce deal to backers with key timelines

  • Deal Proposed With Terms

    1. Surface NDA, Dataroom, and Summary of Terms Backers are expected to review

  • Backers start submitting questions

    1. Create a dedicated channel to accept and respond to questions through

  • Q&A with Backers

    1. Create a curated AMA session

  • Pool opens for funding

    1. Confirm date you wish to open the pool for Backer funding

  • Deal funded & finalized

    1. Drawdown capital into wallet, and wire to crypto business account to be converted to fiat ccy

    2. Post final docs up in dataroom for final selected investors

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