Borrower Mechanics

A guide to Goldfinch for Borrowers

Goldfinch provides tools to help participants interact with the protocol, but it is your responsibility to stay compliant with all legal, regulatory, and tax laws for your relevant jurisdiction(s). All protocol participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their own legal and tax counsel.

The Goldfinch protocol helps to simplify debt capital aggregation by operating on the principle of 'trust through consensus. The protocol provides investors around the world the ability to earn yield uncorrelated to crypto markets by helping them invest in:

  • Curated real-world debt opportunities from around the world which are assessed by the fellow community members

  • On-chain tokenized assets, allowing for secondary markets to flourish

  • Democratizing access to yield but allowing anyone to invest with no minimums

You can learn more about Goldfinch and how it works in the Goldfinch Overview section of the documentation. Then, dive into the Protocol Mechanics sections of the documentation to learn in more detail about how it functions, along with the role that Borrowers play in the network.

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