Stage 3: Announcements and Tooling Set Up

As we get closer to going live, you will need to decide on what tools to use to run the funding process. These include tools for:

  • Sharing and signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement between your fund and the Backers who will be performing due diligence. We recommend that this be a one-way NDA

  • A Dataroom to share diligence information between you and the Backer community. This can be hosted on tools similar to Docsend or Box allowing you to provide tracked, tiered access to your data

  • Two-way messaging between you and the Backer community. This can be hosted on a bilateral communication tool allowing you to respond to communicate with Backers. Examples of such tools are Discord or Telegram. Here are descriptions of how to set up a Discord server, and a Telegram group respectively.

  • An optional video AMA session where the Backers get to learn about your opportunity and ask you questions. You can host this on platforms such as Youtube or Crowdcast to help add a human touch to your raise

  • Optional co-marketing on the launch of your pool with the Warbler Labs team

You will also have to decide on the content and timing of announcements that go out to the Goldfinch community.

Below is a template document to help you track of all things tooling and announcements

Template Announcements + Tooling

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